How to enter

Information on how to submit entries

Entering the competition

Once your students have completed their entry, submit it through the Ultimate STEM Challenge entry form. You can submit each entry individually, or all at the same time.

You will need the following to complete the entry process:

  • Team names for each group (do not use students' names, they must choose a team name)
  • Information on any adult support the students have had
  • Details on where students did the majority of the work (e.g. STEM club, during school, independently at home, etc.)
  • Each team's entry: either a PowerPoint (10 Mb max) OR a video link (e.g. YouTube) with completed video entry supporting form (.doc/.docx)

Please ensure your students’ entries (PowerPoint presentation OR video) cover the judging criteria:

  1. Is it STEM? Clearly explain the science, engineering or technology behind your design.
  2. Is there a prototype? Bring your idea to life with a prototype, digital model, mock up or proof of concept.
  3. Does it help? Prove you’re solving a real problem and making life better for people.
  4. Does it work? Show us your STEM research and how it’s a realistic, practical and safe solution.
  5. Is it clear? Clearly explain your ideas and the STEM behind them, using words, photos and video
  6. Does it stand out? Show us that your idea is different, original and creative – but built on real STEM!

Please ensure that students' entries do NOT include:

  • identifying information about the students 
  • music, images or other content that is not the students' own work.


Uploading YouTube videos


We recommend using YouTube to submit an entry:

  • Sign in to YouTube (you can do this with a Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, sign up for one here.)
  • Click on Upload (top right)
  • Where it says ‘Select files to upload’ you will see a drop down menu.
  • Either leave this as Public (which means anyone will be able to find your video on YouTube) or change it to Unlisted, which means that only people who know the link will be able to find it.
  • Drag your video onto the space provided or upload using the normal document search.
  • Once it’s uploaded can view your video in ‘My channel’. Below the video there will be a tab which says ‘Share’ – click this and it will give you a code to add to the submission form.

Tip: Make sure that your video is set to Public or Unlisted. If it is Private, the judges won’t be able to see it!
You can also submit a video with Vimeo or Dropbox links.


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