My net zero community challenge

Our successful Ultimate STEM Challenge is now available all year long!

Teachers loved our recent Ultimate STEM Challenge but if you missed out or simply loved the resources, we have good news! We now adapted the materials so you can use them in class whenever you'd like. Plus we updated the competition into an exciting challenge activity!


Encourage young people to look at the things they can do locally and use science and technology to come up with a net zero plan for their community. This challenge will arm your pupils with the scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding of what net zero is, why is it so important and how science is at the heart of this solution.


A range of free curriculum-linked resources are available to inspire pupils’ creativity and innovation, and build science capital. The resources are designed for 9-14s and there are differentiated resources for primary and secondary years, including:

  • Easy to use teachers notes
  • Inspiring video lesson
  • Challenge summary
  • Interactive PowerPoint lesson
  • Activity sheets and homework tasks
  • Planning task sheet

These resources will help pupils think about how we can all make a positive impact on our communities and the environment and come up with their own ideas/designs. Get yours now!

Age 9-11 resources                                                               Age 11-14 resources