Three new posters to kick off 2020!

A round up of our new posters to help with your future lessons.

Here at bp educational service we love all types of classroom resources and are continually updating and creating new ones.

We work with an amazing team of education facilitators to bring you current, curriculum-linked content that will help you plan future lessons and engage your class in different topics. In case you missed our new additions, here is a round up of the new posters we launched towards the end of 2019!


Be a forces investigator

Designed for ages 7-9 this exciting poster is not only great to display, but is also an activity to investigate forces we encounter every day.


The greenhouse effect

As well as brightening up your classroom, it will help teach your students (ages 11-16) about the effects of greenhouse gases!

States of matter

We are excited to show you our new states of matter poster. It will help your students to understand how gases, liquids and solids are formed. As well as making a great addition to your classroom, it will help bring the topic to life for students aged 11-16.

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