Prepare for a new future. bpES is evolving.

Introducing Energising Futures. A new way to teach science.

The future is hard to predict, but one thing that is certain is that young people today will need knowledge and skills for future careers supporting the energy transition. To help you prepare your students for this, the bp Educational Service is evolving. STEM experts, including ASE, have been working to bridge the gap between the science you’re teaching in the classroom, and the skills young people will need to access employment in the real world.

In Spring 2023, bpES is transitioning to Energising Futures, to bring you the same quality of content loved by teachers, but with a focus on linking learning to the real-world and future careers needed for the energy transition. Energising Futures is a future-focussed platform, making it easy for you to pick and choose the content that is most relevant to your teaching and your students. New collections of content are designed to support you teach curriculum science topics in a fun and flexible way, while introducing real-life scenarios and careers through three core areas:

Essential science

A top-notch line of ready-to-go resources that give teachers all the support they need to deliver ‘need to know’ science essentials across KS2-KS5. All linked to topics, concepts and key objectives of the UK curricula.

Real world challenges

Based on the theory of ‘science capital’, these practical and inspirational real-world challenges have been created to grab the attention of pupils by making science relevant and relatable to their everyday. This is science for them and will help them build valuable green skills. 

Careers connections

In unison with the learning pupils experience through the essential science resources and real-world challenges, the careers connections content aims to showcase multiple career pathways and inspire young people of all ages and backgrounds by introducing them to diverse people in science-based careers that they can connect with and relate to.

All these resources exist to help teachers, young people and families learn and use science to build better futures.

A new and updated Energising Futures site is coming in 2023, and if you are already part of the bpES community, you will automatically have access to the content you know and love, plus all these exciting new releases to engage students in STEM.

Energising Futures is made possible by funding from bp as part of their mission to support the STEM skills development needed to create a diverse, high-quality pipeline for the future.