Home learning 4-7

Fun and colourful resources to support home learning for ages 4-7

Get creative at home

Learning doesn't stop at the school gate. Encourage children aged 4-7 to continue learning at home with these exciting resources, carefully curated to support teachers and parents.

Discover the magic in science through the use of loveable children's tales. Understand seasonal changes with The Emperor's New Clothes or test the properties of different materials to help save Humpty Dumpty.

Learners can also discover more about materials alongside circuits and forces. And don't forget to register to be the first to know when new resources go live!


The Emperor's new clothes: How the seasons change

Can you help the Emperor find out about the seasons and choose the right clothes for each season? Describe seasonal changes.


Peter Pan 1: How shadows are formed

Can you make a new shadow for Peter Pan? Investigate whether an opaque, translucent or transparent material will work best.


Peter Pan 2: Why shadows change size and shape

The crocodile has eaten the clock in Neverland! How will you tell the time? Build a sundial and discover why shadows change size and shape.


Humpty Dumpty: Choosing the best material

Can you protect Humpty Dumpty from his fall? Use your understanding of the properties of materials to give Humpty Dumpty a safe landing.


Jack and the Beanstalk 1: Identifying common trees

Can you help the giant by identifying common trees? Explore the local area or use classroom-based resources.


Jack and the Beanstalk 2: Testing the best conditions to grow a seed

Help Mr Giant grow his seed into a tall, strong plant. Practical experiment and sheet to record observations.


Introducing circuits

Investigation video, interactive animation, photo slideshow, song sheet and activity sheets exploring simple electric circuits.


Introducing forces

Investigation video, interactive animation, photo slideshow, song sheet and activity sheets exploring pushes and pulls.


Introducing materials

What's the best material for a raincoat? Introductory animation, experiment instruction video, activity sheets, presentation and song.


Ready. Steady. Science! (Primary)

A collection of fun and creative science experiences using simple items for ages 4-11.