Home learning 14-16

Independent activities to do at home for ages 14-16

Independent learning at home

The home can be a place of learning too. Encourage students aged 14-16 to continue learning independently at home with these exciting resources, carefully curated to support teachers and parents.

Take the Periodic table challenge and learn more about atoms and elements. Or explore carbon capture and understand more about polymerisation


Ready. Steady. Science! (secondary)

A collection of fun and creative independent science experiences using simple items for ages 11-16.


Science Talks: Soap or sanitiser - What works best?

Find out how soap and sanitisers help in the fight against disease, before you talk about the science with family and friends.


Periodic table challenge

A fun and engaging game to teach your students about the periodic table, and elements and their properties.


Atoms and elements

What's everything made of? Video looking at protons, neutrons and electrons in atoms and structure of hydrocarbons presentation.


Energetic reactions

What happens when chemicals react? Video and animation on bond-breaking and making, and exothermic and endothermic reactions.


Kinetic theory video

How crude oil changes when it is heated, putting science in a real-life context.


Properties of hydrocarbons

Short, engaging multimedia learning materials on the topic of the properties of hydrocarbons, putting science in a real-life context.


Hydrocarbons from crude oil

What is fractional distillation? What is cracking? Videos and animations with quiz.



Short, engaging multimedia learning materials on the topic of polymerisation, putting science in a real-life context.


Rock formation and the rock cycle animation (Secondary)

How are igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks formed? Animation and worksheet.


Grouping rocks activities (secondary)

How are rocks made? Information cards, which students can use to categorise rock samples or to complete a worksheet.


Carbon capture and storage

What is carbon capture and storage? Booklet, presentation and teachers' notes covering the carbon cycle and the chemistry of combustion.


Science Talks: How do vaccines work?

Find out how our bodies defend us against disease and how vaccinations work, before you talk about the science with your family.


Resource planner for remote learning (ages 11-16)

A resource planner to help you find the top 30 most popular resources for remote learning, for 11 to 16 year olds.


Chemistry knowledge organiser: Earth’s atmosphere

Key facts and essential knowledge to help students with exam revision and catch-up, at the start of a topic or as a learning reference.