Home learning 11-14

Excite your home learners with independent activities for ages 11-14

Independent learning at home

The home can be a place of learning too. Encourage students aged 11-14 to continue learning independently at home with these exciting resources, carefully curated to support teachers and parents.

Take the Periodic table challenge - who can get the highest interactive game score? Or be inspired by the work of Jamie Garcia in her mission to reduce plastics. 


Ready. Steady. Science! (secondary)

A collection of fun and creative independent science experiences using simple items for ages 11-16.


Periodic table challenge

A fun and engaging game to teach your students about the periodic table, and elements and their properties.


Energy from the wind

This resource challenges students to help bp scientists to solve a real-life problem focusing on energy from the wind.


Climate change

Use these resources to find out more about climate change concepts (deforestation, economic impact and the greenhouse effect).


Speeding up a reaction

This resource challenges students to help bp scientists to solve a real-life problem focusing on speeding up a reaction.


What is sound? activity

What is sound? Activities and a video looking at the concept of sound as a longitudinal wave, with supporting activity sheets.


Microphones and loudspeakers activity

How do microphones and loudspeakers work? Video and supporting activity sheets.


Absorption and reflection at the theatre

Why does the sound of our voice change in different places? Video and activity sheets.


Absorption and reflection in oil exploration

How is sound used to find oil and gas underground? Video and activity sheets.


Jamie Garcia

Discover the story of Jamie Garcia, a modern scientist who discovered a new kind of plastic which is fully recyclable and super strong!


Marie Curie

Explore Marie Curie's achievements. Presentation, quiz and investigation into the properties of an element.


Isaac Newton

Find out about Isaac Newton and his achievements. Presentation and quiz.


Patricia Bath

Find out how Patricia Bath used her understanding of light to help people with cataracts. Presentation, quiz and research activity.


Resource planner for remote learning (ages 11-16)

A resource planner to help you find the top 30 most popular resources for remote learning, for 11 to 16 year olds.