Frequently asked questions by bp educational service users.

What is the bp educational service?

The bp educational service (bpES) provides educational resources to help teachers engage and inspire pupils in their curriculum subjects. The resources are presented in an engaging, real-world context.

What resources are available from bpES?

bpES produces and distributes a range of educational resource materials, focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (STEM) and Business subjects. bpES resources are generally available to download free-of-charge from the website. There are a range of resources for young people of all ages from 5-19 available on the website.

Are all bpES resources free?

Yes, all of the resources on the bpES website are available to teachers and students absolutely free of charge. We have recently discontinued our free and paid-for products available to order. If you have any questions about this please contact us.

Can I access the resources if I am not a teacher?

The bp educational service resources are free to both teachers, parents and carers. To register, fill out the applicable form on the bp registration page .

Why does bp invest in education?

At bp, we believe that education is a natural priority for our community investment programme in the UK. Education provides people with skills and knowledge. This leads to many other opportunities – such as better business leadership, more innovation, cultural achievements and improved communications. Improvements in education directly benefit business by providing potential employees with higher levels of skills. We focus mainly on the STEM subjects and their application to our business, in three ways:

  • By producing and distributing educational resources through the bp educational service.
  • Through the participation of our employees in the Schools Link programme.
  • Through strategic partnerships with a range of complementary organisations – see the Partnerships page for more information.
  • What is bp Schools Link?

    The Schools Link programme supports bp employees who volunteer to go into local schools and help deliver workshops, activities and careers advice.

    How can I obtain sponsorship for bp?

    bp does not provide sponsorship for individual projects. If a bp employee has raised funds for your project they have access to a fund matching scheme which they can find out about in the internal intranet.

    How do I get permission to use the bp logo?

    Students/teachers who wish to use the bp logo for projects must first seek permission from bp by contacting the London Press Office on +44 (0)207 496 4076.

    Could someone from bp visit my institution to give a talk?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to visit institutions in response to such requests because of the large volume of enquiries we receive each year.

    Would bp complete my questionnaire/survey?

    Unfortunately, the large volume of enquiries we receive makes it impossible for us to answer questionnaires or surveys. However, there is a great deal of useful information on the bpES site and on bp's main website that may provide the answers to your questions.

    How can I find out information about work experience placements?

    Due to the large volumes of requests received each year, bp prioritises work experience placements for students within its Schools Link programme.

    What are the student codes and how do I create them?

    All our resources are easy to share with your students. Simply share the code found on each resource page and direct them to the bpES website. You can create a student code for each resource page by clicking on the box on right-hand side. These codes are individual to each resource and students can access the activity by entering the code without logging in.

    How can I get in touch?

    Please use our contact us form to get in touch with bpES.

    Need help?

    If you have any questions please contact us via: