Super scientists

Learn about the lives of the scientists who have shaped our world

Discover the stories of super scientists and the impact they have had on how we understand the world today. Explore the lives of a range of amazing scientists, from Stephen Hawking's work on the history of the the Universe to Ada Lovelace's creation of the world's first computer algorithm.

Each Super scientist resource includes a presentation to use with your class, and a printable comprehension activity to test their understanding. 


Ada Lovelace

Explore the amazing life story of Ada Lovelace, have a go at writing your own algorithm and create a science acrostic poem.


Galileo Galilei

Find out about Galileo Galilei, the first person to use the scientific method to test theories about gravity and the solar system.


Becky Schroeder

Becky Schroeder was just a child when she invented a fluorescent sheet which lets you read in the dark. Discover her incredible story.


Charles Darwin

Explore Charles Darwin's life. Presentation, quiz and creative writing activity.


Charles Macintosh

Discover the life and work of Charles Macintosh and help him choose the right material for his raincoat so he doesn't get wet!


Isaac Newton

Find out about Isaac Newton and his achievements. Presentation and quiz.


Jamie Garcia

Discover the story of Jamie Garcia, a modern scientist who discovered a new kind of plastic which is fully recyclable and super strong!


Marie Curie

Explore Marie Curie's achievements. Presentation, quiz and investigation into the properties of an element.


Mary Anning

She sells seashells on the seashore... Discover the amazing life of Mary Anning and write your own tongue twister like the one she inspired.


Nikola Tesla

Find out about Nikola Tesla and his amazing discoveries about electricity. Presentation and quiz, with creative writing activity.


Patricia Bath

Find out how Patricia Bath used her understanding of light to help people with cataracts. Presentation, quiz and research activity.


Stephen Hawking

Take students on a journey through Stephen Hawking's life and achievements using a presentation, inspiring story starters and a quiz.