bp statement on sustainability and the energy transition

This global challenge needs everyone

We recognize the world is on an unsustainable path and needs to transition rapidly to net-zero carbon emissions. The debate centres around how to deliver this while meeting the world’s growing energy demands. bp is focused on this dual challenge. For example, we’re installing ultra-fast electric vehicle chargers across the country and have created one of the world's fastest growing solar developers. It's part of our renewable energy business, which generates clean power from wind in the US and produces biofuels in Brazil. We have ambitious plans for the future and welcome engagement with all about how to make the energy we produce cleaner and better.

We and other energy companies are an important part of the solution, through our technical capabilities, financial resources and global reach, but we alone cannot make the energy transition work. Governments, individuals and other sectors also have a significant role to play.

This global challenge needs everyone – companies, governments and individuals – to work together to achieve a low carbon future. Find out more here.