Ultimate STEM Challenge

Brought to you by BP, the Science Museum and STEM Learning

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My Sustainable Future: Handy Hydro

The forces found in nature can generate renewable energy, including solar power, wind power and hydropower.

Hydropower doesn’t need to be produced on a huge scale; micro hydro installations offer a way to produce renewable energy from small, fast-flowing streams in mountainous areas.

Challenge 1:

Create an efficient way of generating electricity from moving water.


Plan and carry out an investigation to:

  • measure how much electrical energy your system can produce
  • find the best design for extracting energy from moving water.

Getting started

How you tackle this challenge is completely up to you and your students.  

Use the PowerPoint and/or lesson plan to get them started, or simply hand out the student guide so they can work independently.

Once you're done, you can submit your students' project here.