Ultimate STEM Challenge


Check out the amazing Ultimate STEM Challenge 2016/17 finalists and semi-finalists here:

  • Alan, Jonathan, Scott and Conor, Albyn School, Aberdeen
  • Anna, Lewis and Dominic, Bohunt School, Liphook
  • Hattie, Amelie and Cathryn, Bredon Hill Academy, Evesham
  • Micaela, Sophie, Ummhaani, Zaheera and Alma, Clapton Girls Academy, London
  • Harry, Lewis and Cole, Colyton Grammar School, Colyton
  • Sachin, Ardal, William and Ben, Colyton Grammar School, Colyton
  • Leora, Sam, Leah and Ellie, JFS, Harrow
  • Anna, May, Poppy and Charlotte, Kingdown School, Warminster
  • Ashwin, Kaamil, Yashaswar and Beuran, Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet
  • Michael, Michael, Quinn and Lewis, St Columba's School, Kilmacolm
  • Grace and Rachel, Toot Hill School, Nottingham
  • Harvey and Joshua, Wellington College, Belfast


  • Harry, Ollie and Benjamin, Colyton Grammar School, Colyton
  • Quinn, Nathan and Kai, Kingdown School, Warminster
  • Aum and Swattik, Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet
  • Eelan and Sayon, Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet
  • Samuel, Thomas and Benjamin, Toot Hill School, Notthingham
  • Emily, Katarina and Lingde, The West Bridgford School, Nottingham
  • Harry, Chris, Tomo and Musa, The West Bridgford School, Nottingham