Science : Ages 12 to 14 : Earth and Atmosphere

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Secondary Science Resources

Click through for free science resources for secondary teachers and pupils aged 11 to 12 on the topic of Earth and Atmosphere.

Rock Formation and the Rock Cycle animation

An animation covering how igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are formed and the rock cycle. There's also a worksheet to test students' understanding of the rock cycle.  

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Rock Cycle poster

A free classroom poster to help your students  understand the basic processes involved in the rock cycle.

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Key Earth Event activities

Pupils can place the Key Earth event flashcards along the Key events timeline.They can use the Key events worksheet to record estimate and actual dates. An answer sheet is provided to give pupils the correct dates.

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Grouping Rocks activities

Rock information cards, which students can use to categorise rock samples (if available) or to complete the in-depth rock analysis worksheet. 

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Climate Change

A set of resources exploring the topic of climate change, including a students' information pack and poster, an interactive map showing how climate change could affect the Earth, interactive quizzes testing students' knowledge of the greenhouse effect and deforestation, and a challenge in which students see the environmental impact of economic decisions.  


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Carbon Footprint Toolkit

The Carbon Footprint Toolkit is an interactive resource covering the impact of carbon emissions and how our choices affect our environment.

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