Science : Ages 12 to 14 : Chemical Reactions

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Secondary Science Resources

Click through for free science resources for secondary teachers and students aged 12 to 14 on the topic of chemical reactions.

Chemical Reactions at the Airport

Where's the Science in that? The Airport is a resource for 11 to 14s which demonstrates that Science is not just for scientists in a lab. Science is for everyone and it's all around us, every day.

Students can explore the airport to find examples of chemical reactions in this setting.

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Combustion of Fuels

Short, engaging multimedia resources exploring how the different properties of hydrocarbons allow the manufacture of fuels tailored for different purposes and the potential of bioethanol as a sustainable fuel for the future.

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Short, engaging multimedia resources on the topic of polymerisation putting science in a real-life context.

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Speeding up a Reaction

This award-winning multi-media resource challenges students to help BP scientists to solve a real-life problem focusing on speeding up a reaction.

The resource includes video briefings an interactive online experiment, a quiz and information sheets.


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