Science : Ages 11 to 12 : Motion and Forces

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Secondary Science Resources

Click through for free science resources for secondary teachers and students aged 11 to 12 on the topic of motion and forces.

Motion and Forces topic at the Airport

Where's the Science in that? The Airport is a resource for 11 to 14s which demonstrates that Science is not just for scientists in a lab. Science is for everyone and it's all around us, every day.

Students can explore the airport to find examples of forces and motion, as well as watching a video looking at the forces and motion acting upon a plane in flight, and distance / time graphs.

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Friction activity video

Where's the Science in that? The Park offers secondary students a range of activity videos focusing on a selection of key Science topics. The videos introduce the topic and set students a practical challenge. Teachers' notes are provided.  

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Forces investigation ideas

A photo story starter in which a group of friends think about the best way to perform an air resistance experiment to demonstrate to their teacher that he doesn't need to worry about his charity skydive. This could be used to spark discussion or as an introduction to the suggested hands-on investigation. 

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Super Scientists: Isaac Newton

The story of Isaac Newton is a fantastic introduction to the topic of Motion and Forces. Take students on a journey of Isaac Newton's life and achievements using the presentation, read his story and answer quiz questions about his life. Students can also write a diary entry from the point of view of Isaac Newton on the day he noticed the apple falling from the tree!

These resources are part of a brand new collection so we would love to hear your feedback on how we could improve resources in this collection in future.

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