Enterprising Science

Enterprising Science from BP, the Science Museum and King's College London

Enterprising Science is a five-year partnership between BP, the Science Museum and King’s College London. This research and development project uses the concept of science capital (science-related qualifications, interest, literacy and social contacts) to understand how young people from all backgrounds engage with science, and how their engagement might be supported.

Currently, only 6 in 10 young people achieve 5 GCSE passes at grade C or higher (or equivalent).

Our vision is that Enterprising Science will help more students to find science engaging and useful for improving their life chances.

Our aim is ultimately to improve post-16 participation in science at all levels (including FE, HE, and eventually employment within and from science).

Our approach is to build science capital through increased science discourse between secondary school teachers, young people, their families and museums and science centres.

We want to help schools to make systematic use of museums and science centres in engaging young people with science, and for museums and science centres to engage with more diverse audiences via those schools.

To achieve this, our focus will be on developing resources and techniques for use in and outside of the classroom that draw on external resources, approaches and philosophy from the informal science learning sector (e.g. museums and science centres) as an integrated approach to science learning.

We will develop an evidence base for understanding how to build science capital amongst young people aged 11-16, initially demonstrated as 'proof of principle' i.e. that the tool or technique is also effective when used in a new context and by someone not involved in its development.

Find out more about the tools for teachers and other practitioners: www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/enterprisingscience

Find out more about the research outputs to date:  King's College London website

Email: enterprisingscience@bp.com

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