Enterprising Science

Enterprising Science from BP, the Science Museum, University College London and King's College London


Enterprising Science is a five-year partnership between BP, the Science Museum, University College London and King’s College London. This research and development project uses the concept of science capital (science-related qualifications, interest, literacy and social contacts) to understand how young people from all backgrounds engage with science, and how their engagement might be supported.

The project aims

Research shows that the more science capital a young person has, the more likely they are to study science post-16 and to see science as ‘for me’. Yet national survey data shows that 27% of all 11 to 17 year olds have low science capital, particularly those from disadvantaged schools and communities. This limits their opportunities and outcomes in life, and contributes to the shortfall in young people in the UK choosing STEM subjects. 

Enterprising Science aims to engage more young people with science by:

  • increasing understanding about the factors that influence science engagement and participation
  • helping teachers to build students’ science capital
  • developing new approaches for engaging students from all backgrounds with science, particularly focusing on those from disadvantaged schools and communities.


Enterprising Science is a partnership of academics and practitioners working together to support schools and other professionals to engage more young people with science. Our approach aims to highlight the relevance of science to diverse young people’s futures and find ways to connect school science with students’ diverse identities and lives.

It involves collaboration between schools, young people and their families, and museums and science centres. We support secondary schools in:

  • identifying, valuing and linking their students' home-based knowledge, identities, expertise and experiences and linking these to science, to make science education more meaningful, inclusive and relevant to diverse students’ lives.
  • developing pedagogies that build science capital within everyday science lessons
  • making use of museum-inspired pedagogies and out of school learning experiences within science teaching.

Our partners

University College London and King’s College London

Enterprising Science is underpinned by the rigorous and evidence-based research carried out by teams at UCL and KCL.

Find out more about the UCL/King’s College London team and the project research.


Science Museum

The Science Museum is applying and delivering the UCL/King’s College London research in practice by supporting teachers, designing resources and developing a CPD programme and providing practitioner-based expertise about museum learning.

Find out more about the Science Museum's role in the project.

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